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Tripod and Friends

hanging in Williamsburg

Tripod is making a home in Williamsburg Virginia-

He spends time reading


But he especially loves to pack his suitcase and go adventuring (he gets that from Al)

Tripod's favorite part of traveling is coming home to his friends


And sleeping in his own bed


Where he can dream about where he is going to go next!

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Happy Monster

learning to share

Al just heard
that Tripod is loving it in Williamsburg!


His biggest challenge when he was
in the monster clan
was learning to share
especially when it came to trail mix

he used to chomp it all down
as if he would never see it again

but now he has some new friends


and he has learned that sharing can be kind of fun......

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Colonial Chaos

Monster in Williamsburg

Monsters are spreading out

Tripod heard that Colonial Williamsburg was a pretty cool place
so Mini Marvin helped him pack up


and made him promise to send a postcard

He heard that they had a lot of postcards in Williamsburg
because people really like to go there

Tripod is also really excited
because he will be able to spend time with his friend Max
who will fill him in on all the good napping spots!


Al can't wait to hear about Tripod's adventures in Williamsburg!


Don't forget to write!

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