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Snack Monster

in search of treats

Beckett is a monster with an appetite-
a big fan of snacks!

He made a big deal
around eating lots of vegetables


but really prefers to spend time with candy


and anything else he can find in his
monster bowl

He will even go so far
as to try out a disguise


thinking he might be able
to sneak seconds

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Birthday Message from Monty

Hanging out with the Pharaohs!

Dear Al,

Happy Birthday to Me! My human took me to Egypt for my birthday! Well it was almost Egypt. We pretended to be in Egypt. It was another museum in NYC.


I'm sorry I haven't been communicative lately. My human is keeping me very busy. We have done a little traveling - Florida, South Carolina, Washington DC and Canada. And at the end of this year we will be going to AFRICA! I hope I'm not eaten.

And we get to spend a lot of time in the Catskills. Summers are wonderful up there. I sit in the porch with some lemonade and watch the birds and butterflies. Life has been good my friend.

I have many friends who I love and we spend our days eating candy (when we can find it).

Still loving New York! But missing you!

F. Monty M.

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In the Big City

Boris left a while ago
to move to the big city

Fortunately he has friends
to show him the way
-New York can be very confusing!

Bronte has made sure he knows his way around


But Henri knows that sometimes
Boris will just need a cuddle


So he is always there for his friend

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Northern Exposure

Another monster in NYC

Boris played a little serenade
on his last night


Al danced and sang along
but Mini Marvin
got upset that he was leaving
and the next day
he begged him to stay


Boris promised to write and Mini Marvin finally let go and bid him "Adieu"



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Monster + Dinosaur


Al loves hearing from his friend Monty! He does have another friend Boris who is moving up to NYC next week- he is going to keep an eye out for this adventuresome monster!


I had the most amazing day Saturday! I went to this wonderful museum and saw so many fantastical things! A giant whale swimming in the air above my head! Giant jellyfish and other sea life! At one point I decided to take off on my own and do some exploring much to my family's dismay. But they found me - having the time of my life! Look at me! Riding a dinosaur! I love New York!


Wish you were here.


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