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Letter from Monty

Key to Florida


Dear Al,


Having a great summer! Hope you are as well. My humans took me down to the Florida Keys. It was very very very hot! But I spent most of my days by the water, relaxing with refreshing beverages, or just contemplating my existence in a shady spot under some palm trees.


Ahhhhhh, life is good!


Margaritaville Monty

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Birthday Message from Monty

Hanging out with the Pharaohs!

Dear Al,

Happy Birthday to Me! My human took me to Egypt for my birthday! Well it was almost Egypt. We pretended to be in Egypt. It was another museum in NYC.


I'm sorry I haven't been communicative lately. My human is keeping me very busy. We have done a little traveling - Florida, South Carolina, Washington DC and Canada. And at the end of this year we will be going to AFRICA! I hope I'm not eaten.

And we get to spend a lot of time in the Catskills. Summers are wonderful up there. I sit in the porch with some lemonade and watch the birds and butterflies. Life has been good my friend.

I have many friends who I love and we spend our days eating candy (when we can find it).

Still loving New York! But missing you!

F. Monty M.

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Monster + Dinosaur


Al loves hearing from his friend Monty! He does have another friend Boris who is moving up to NYC next week- he is going to keep an eye out for this adventuresome monster!


I had the most amazing day Saturday! I went to this wonderful museum and saw so many fantastical things! A giant whale swimming in the air above my head! Giant jellyfish and other sea life! At one point I decided to take off on my own and do some exploring much to my family's dismay. But they found me - having the time of my life! Look at me! Riding a dinosaur! I love New York!


Wish you were here.


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New Friends

A message from Monty

Al knows that his friends are having fun
especially since they are only adopted by awesome friends!
but he is ALWAYS happy to hear
about all of the fun they are up to....

He just got a message from his buddy Monty:

Hi Al!

Just wanted to send along a picture of myself with my new friends. Starting at the top is Nosy (cow nosed ray); to my right is Blue (a polka dot cat); then Sealy, Baby Echo (owl), Sophie (Giraffe - although Parker had her since birth, she's quite old and frail now and you can barely tell what she once was. But she is wise and kind and she has been very welcoming); and last Rexy (T Rex - he's very very loud, but nice). We all sleep together at night so I'm not so lonely. We also hang out together during the day and get into lots of mischief. There are 2 cats that live here and we find ourselves taunting them endlessly. They seem to just want to carry us off and chew us up, but we are always saved at the last minute by one of the humans.

I feel quite comfy here in my new home with my new friends. They are not monsters and could never replace you but I'm doing well. I have told them all about you and they think by my stories that you sound so marvellous. I hope you are also doing well my friend.

So many hugs.

F Monty


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Dreary Day

brightened up


Al was feeling a little sad
it was a dreary day
and he was missing his friend Monty


and then it happened
"you've got mail"

and it was from Monty!!!!

Hello! I'm really enjoying my new family here in NYC. Although the very first weekend I spent with them was in a cold snowy place. I spent a lot of time by the fire those 1st few days. I did get out for some snow tubing (pic attached) which was quite exciting! We are back in the City now and I have made some marvellous new friends and we all sleep together with the young boy Parker. Right now we are enjoying a pajama party with some very loud boys but having loads of fun and I'm enjoying some delicious snacks. Not skittles mind you but a new delicacy called Swedish Fish. They are quite good, except the purple ones.

Thinking of you Al! Will write again soon.

Monsters forever!


but Al's favorite part was the photo


There is nothing better than knowing
that your friends are happy!

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