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Letter from Monty

Key to Florida


Dear Al,


Having a great summer! Hope you are as well. My humans took me down to the Florida Keys. It was very very very hot! But I spent most of my days by the water, relaxing with refreshing beverages, or just contemplating my existence in a shady spot under some palm trees.


Ahhhhhh, life is good!


Margaritaville Monty

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For me????

A Room of His Own

Home construction
is never (or rarely)
under budget
on schedule

But Sparky found a way to enjoy it
by sitting in the window
and watching in from the outside
where there was
a lot


He also has an iPod shuffle
and little tiny ear buds
so he can escape the noise

It will be worth it in the end
when he gets invited
to hang out
in the man cave!

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Snuggles in Sarasota

Sparky Checking in

Al has been missing Sparky
and was thrilled to receive a photo
and a message

"Emmy welcomes her new little brother. Here they are discussing the rules of the "Hodge/Sheedy Household", which are to smile whenever possible and enjoy each day!!! So far Sparky has faithfully complied!"


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Sparky down South

A new home in Sarasota

Sparky has been trying to
go on a trip for about a year


He has been reaching out
to his monster friends
to see if they had ideas
of how he could escape the cold


Many of his friends had
traveled already
and he loved hearing the stories


And the time finally came
and he was invited to move
down to Sarasota, Florida

and there he made some
new friends
Ted and Maxwah


We wish Sparky well
and hope that he realizes
that not all alligators
are as friendly
as his traveling friend

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Spring Break

Monty heads to the beach and writes to tell Al all about it!

Al! 2 words...Spring Break! My family took me to Florida for some phenomenon called "Spring Break" and I gotta tell you Al, it was great! We went to the beach or the pool every day. We relaxed A LOT! We saw manta rays, dolphins, shrimp and sharks. We went snorkeling. Here's a pic of me at the Gulf of Mexico. This pic was taken before my sunburn. Who knew Monsters needed sunscreen! I'm thinking this might be a yearly thing, this Spring Break. Wish you were here....really. Tell Mini Marvin I'm thinking about him too!

Monsters Forever!


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