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Claude on Spring Break

Sunning in the Bahamas

Claude in Eleuthera
Enjoying pink sand beaches
Cool turquoise water
Warm winds and sunny skies
All to himself!


Claude stopped at Atlantis
Very busy!
Taking deep slides through shark tanks
Very scary!
Gambling, Louis Vuitton and man-made waves


Claude got himself a mango smoothie
and some Bush Crack!


He liked the mango more
than the naughty beer.

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Claude's trip to Jamaica

Fun in the Sun

The traffic in
Northern Virginia
was getting to Claude

so he headed down
to Montego Bay

He started out on
the beach
with some


but found that
he had
more fun
handing with his Rasta friends


ya mon!

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Holiday Meaning

Finding New Friends

Claude has always been a friendly monster
getting along with those
he finds
all around the world

They do not need to
be monsters
to be friends.


It is always fun if they are
also stuffed…


but any time a good party
is going on

Claude is happy
to participate.

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North South East West

Which Way is Up?


Earlier this summer
Claude made another trip

Claude has been out and about, enjoying even more down time.
He visited Taylor Creek* in Weems, VA, part of the Northern Neck

Either sunning by the flowers or off on his power boat

Swimming in the warm water or kayaking

Claude knows his north from south, east from west

Living in style, savoring fruit of the sea as he relaxes with his many human friends

  • Taylor Creek is off of the Corrotoman River

The Corrotoman is off of the Rappahannock River
The Rappahannock is off of the Chesapeake Bay

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What a Maine-iac

North-bound Claude

Claude ventured north to Maine,


Taking time to tend a succulent garden,


Steam some lobster and melt some butter,


And enjoy the brisk salt air.


He wished Al was there!

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