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Camping Claude

Fun in the Woods

Claude joined a camp-out
in the woods of Middleburg VA


He helped make s'mores
grilled cheese on a stick
participated in campfire songs
slept in a tent with 4 brownies
(girls, not the chocolate kind)

and tried on some shoes

in the end he woke up in a grassy sunshine-lit field
to the songs of the birds.
and a banana

or two…

maybe three….

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Tickle Me

Elmo cuddle

Iris and her Monster mom
got a hug from Elmo


she couldn't help but giggle
because Elmo
and tickled
which made Iris giggle
and giggle

but Elmo's red fur
also made her sneeze
a couple of times

which made her giggle more!

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Monster fame

C is for Cookie!

Breaking News!
Iris met a hero
with her Monster Mom


and now she can't stop talking about cookies

especially chocolate chip
and oatmeal
and sugar
and snickerdoodles
and …...

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Uppie Time

she just wanted to nap a little longer


All Whiskey wanted to do was take a nap
you know
the mid afternoon
soft pitter pat of rain on the roof
kind of nap

curled up
under the covers

the shower lulling her to ….


Seymour did not want to have anything to do with that
he thinks naps are for sissies
so he kept tapping her until she got up
to play backgammon with him

Whiskey won

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Snuggles in Sarasota

Sparky Checking in

Al has been missing Sparky
and was thrilled to receive a photo
and a message

"Emmy welcomes her new little brother. Here they are discussing the rules of the "Hodge/Sheedy Household", which are to smile whenever possible and enjoy each day!!! So far Sparky has faithfully complied!"


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