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Corpse pose is a favorite among monsters

Al was feeling the need
to stretch a little
he invited his friends
to enjoy some yoga.


Most of his friends
enjoyed the mat time.

Gunther kept falling asleep.


He snores.

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Birthday Message from Monty

Hanging out with the Pharaohs!

Dear Al,

Happy Birthday to Me! My human took me to Egypt for my birthday! Well it was almost Egypt. We pretended to be in Egypt. It was another museum in NYC.


I'm sorry I haven't been communicative lately. My human is keeping me very busy. We have done a little traveling - Florida, South Carolina, Washington DC and Canada. And at the end of this year we will be going to AFRICA! I hope I'm not eaten.

And we get to spend a lot of time in the Catskills. Summers are wonderful up there. I sit in the porch with some lemonade and watch the birds and butterflies. Life has been good my friend.

I have many friends who I love and we spend our days eating candy (when we can find it).

Still loving New York! But missing you!

F. Monty M.

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Holiday Meaning

Finding New Friends

Claude has always been a friendly monster
getting along with those
he finds
all around the world

They do not need to
be monsters
to be friends.


It is always fun if they are
also stuffed…


but any time a good party
is going on

Claude is happy
to participate.

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A Hike at the Huyck

Falling for the Fall Falls


Fall is peaking in the Catskills
and Al wanted to make sure
that he went out to see the leaves
before they all fell


He went on a hike through the woods
at the Huyck Preserve
in Rensselaerville NY


Stopping for a rest
Al was afraid there were more leaves on the ground
than in the trees

But his favorite part of the hike
was to see the falls


he loves the sound
of the water
and is tempted
to find a barrel


but instead he just listens
from his mushroom seat.

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North South East West

Which Way is Up?


Earlier this summer
Claude made another trip

Claude has been out and about, enjoying even more down time.
He visited Taylor Creek* in Weems, VA, part of the Northern Neck

Either sunning by the flowers or off on his power boat

Swimming in the warm water or kayaking

Claude knows his north from south, east from west

Living in style, savoring fruit of the sea as he relaxes with his many human friends

  • Taylor Creek is off of the Corrotoman River

The Corrotoman is off of the Rappahannock River
The Rappahannock is off of the Chesapeake Bay

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