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Monster Love


Al is a bit of a romantic
it started when he saw a monster
on a bicycle bell


Al looked for love
from the pocket of a bag


And in the Airport
he met her


but she went to a different line
at passport control
in Amsterdam
and they never saw each other

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Dining in Amsterdam

Genever Anyone?

It took Al a while to find his way around Amsterdam.
Even with a map the city had a strange layout with all of the canals.


Fortunately there were lots of places to stop for coffee
(sometimes served with a StroopWaffel cookie)


Or a beer


The popular spots like the Pancake house sometimes required a wait


Once Al made it to the table the hardest part was getting him away from the syrup


But eventually we could get him back on the bike


Until he convinced us to stop for another beer…..


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Flying First Class

Champagne Anyone

Al loves flying business class- as far as he is concerned it is FIRST CLASS!

It starts out with champagne in the Lounge. Any time he can get into the lounge he does. This time we got in on a legitimate business class ticket, and not charm or the use of a friends and family pass. The lounge is always the most civilized part of the airport and a reprieve from the chaos beyond the gatekeepers.


Al has a special carry on pocket so he can see what is happening as we board the plane. He likes to get on early and plan is trip.....


What to eat....


What games to play....


And what movies to watch.

He likes the window seat so he can look out the window


And is a little embarrassed to admit that the plane food was actually pretty good (it was business class after all)


Al especially appreciated the lagniappe that KLM provides to their world business travelers- a little delft house with a sip of Genever inside. It began as a tradition in the 1950's. to provide the last drink of the flight that continues today.


Al is petitioning to always travel business class internationally from now on.

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