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December 2013

New Kid in Town

Todd moves in...on the ladies

Big Head Todd arrived today


and it did not take long
for the ladies to start falling


There was some hand holding


and then when the kissing began
the two needed to be separated


It is a shame that Al is not home to have a little talk with Todd and tell him how things work around here.....
he should at least take Lammie on a picnic first!

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Dining in Amsterdam

Genever Anyone?

It took Al a while to find his way around Amsterdam.
Even with a map the city had a strange layout with all of the canals.


Fortunately there were lots of places to stop for coffee
(sometimes served with a StroopWaffel cookie)


Or a beer


The popular spots like the Pancake house sometimes required a wait


Once Al made it to the table the hardest part was getting him away from the syrup


But eventually we could get him back on the bike


Until he convinced us to stop for another beer…..


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