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August 2012

173rd Monster Invitational



The date was set
Invitations sent out


The crowd gathered, cheering on their favorite team, between bites of cracker jack.


The events were extremely competitive....
but Sal usually maintained a slight edge


Near the end, it looked like Droopy Chicken might take the lead


But in the end, Sal's long arms proved an advantage over Droopy Chicken's brawn and he took home the gold cup!


Eule had a big win that night!

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monster & monster

Sal was the only monster who could figure out the zipper on the ziplock baggie.


And it wasn't long before I joined him in a feast.


My short arms made it a challenge to stuff my mouth with the salty sweet pretzel goodness, so I let Sal throw them into my mouth. My record was 9 in my mouth at one time, but I couldn't chew them all at once. My favorites were the red ones (must be something in the dye) so my buddy Sal would dive to the bottom of the bag to get them for me!


We finished the bag that night.
My stomach still hurts.

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We've been served

I still don't know how he did it.


Before I knew it Eule was behind me and I was wrestled to the ground
and then I was tied up with Sal (and Sal is tough- he must have been drugged for Eule to tie him up)


Droopy chicken....well that did not surprise me. He doesn't fight back. I bet he thought it was just a game and wanted to be part of the crowd. (Eule had no idea that he had nothing to do with the cookie jar. (I'm not telling)

Never underestimate an owl

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Easier than we thought

who put the cookie in the cookie jar


The trick was choosing the right cookie. Newman's Own just launched a delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (I hear it as an old family recipe). We put three cookies in the bottom of the mason jar. One wouldn't be enough to tempt him. Four would be too many because he would go into a sugar coma. Three were just enough to get him excited and distracted enough for us to put the top on the jar.

Then we hid.


We were pretty embarassed. And Eule was not amused. We let him out after an hour, gave him the rest of the bag of cookies and decided to watch a movie together instead.

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