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February 2013

Colonial Chaos

Monster in Williamsburg

Monsters are spreading out

Tripod heard that Colonial Williamsburg was a pretty cool place
so Mini Marvin helped him pack up


and made him promise to send a postcard

He heard that they had a lot of postcards in Williamsburg
because people really like to go there

Tripod is also really excited
because he will be able to spend time with his friend Max
who will fill him in on all the good napping spots!


Al can't wait to hear about Tripod's adventures in Williamsburg!


Don't forget to write!

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Northern Exposure

Another monster in NYC

Boris played a little serenade
on his last night


Al danced and sang along
but Mini Marvin
got upset that he was leaving
and the next day
he begged him to stay


Boris promised to write and Mini Marvin finally let go and bid him "Adieu"



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Monster + Dinosaur


Al loves hearing from his friend Monty! He does have another friend Boris who is moving up to NYC next week- he is going to keep an eye out for this adventuresome monster!


I had the most amazing day Saturday! I went to this wonderful museum and saw so many fantastical things! A giant whale swimming in the air above my head! Giant jellyfish and other sea life! At one point I decided to take off on my own and do some exploring much to my family's dismay. But they found me - having the time of my life! Look at me! Riding a dinosaur! I love New York!


Wish you were here.


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Table for Two

reservations required

MIni Marvin heard
that his friends Antony and Claudia
were heading North
and he tried to go with them


But it was an adventure for two
not three

so he just had to wish them a
Bon Voyage!


We wish them both safe travels!

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New Friends

A message from Monty

Al knows that his friends are having fun
especially since they are only adopted by awesome friends!
but he is ALWAYS happy to hear
about all of the fun they are up to....

He just got a message from his buddy Monty:

Hi Al!

Just wanted to send along a picture of myself with my new friends. Starting at the top is Nosy (cow nosed ray); to my right is Blue (a polka dot cat); then Sealy, Baby Echo (owl), Sophie (Giraffe - although Parker had her since birth, she's quite old and frail now and you can barely tell what she once was. But she is wise and kind and she has been very welcoming); and last Rexy (T Rex - he's very very loud, but nice). We all sleep together at night so I'm not so lonely. We also hang out together during the day and get into lots of mischief. There are 2 cats that live here and we find ourselves taunting them endlessly. They seem to just want to carry us off and chew us up, but we are always saved at the last minute by one of the humans.

I feel quite comfy here in my new home with my new friends. They are not monsters and could never replace you but I'm doing well. I have told them all about you and they think by my stories that you sound so marvellous. I hope you are also doing well my friend.

So many hugs.

F Monty


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